Ultra Lite Pop Up Display

Ultra Lite Pop Up Display

Our Ultra Lite Pop Up Display is unique and adaptive. With its individual square panels, personal customisation has never been so easy.

The Ultra Lite Pop Up Display is the lightest Pop-Up Display Stand in Australia. It weighs only 10kgs, making it perfect for travel and easy set-up.
This Display Stand is perfect for any event. You can easily adapt the branding by simply changing the individual square panels. Perfect for tradeshows, shopping centre kiosks or conferences.
At Spyder Displays, we provide a range of ergonomic, unique accessories to complement our displays.
Our Ultra Lite Display System comes with internal shelving. These shelves allow you to showcase your products in a professional, effective manner.
We use the highest quality materials when creating our displays. The Ultra Lite Pop Up Display comes with superior graphic prints. These prints use high-quality European polyester film, backing and laminate. As well as a high-resolution finish with long-lasting durability.
The Ultra Lite Pop Up Display is the only one of its kind in Australia. It comes with a range of set-up options allowing you to customise and adjust your display for different events.
This display stand is the ideal cost-effective marketing solution for any event.
It also comes with the smallest travel case in Australia. To ensure light, easy transport. As well as a 10-year no-nonsense warranty to ensure it’s durability and quality.
Every component of the Ultra Lite Pop Up Display is manufactured in Australia. Providing you with a locally-sourced product. 
Pair your Ultra Lite Pop Up Display with one of our other display elements to create the perfect, enticing display area. For example, our Exhibition Flooring or iPad Stand.

H 2.1m x W 0.8m / 2.45m / 3.0m – Weight 10kg / 14kg / 18kg

H 2.4m x W 2.0m / 2.75m / 3.3m – Weight 12kg / 16kg / 20kg

  • Most lightweight pop up display stand in Australia starting with at 10kgs. Good for OH&S and travel costs
  • Smallest travel case in Australia. Good for OH&S and travel costs
  • 10 year no nonsense warranty – All parts manufactured in Australia
  • Superior graphic prints – High quality European polyester film, backing and laminate create high resolution finish with long lasting durability
  • Individual square panels to adapt your event message
  • Delivery within 2-5 working days

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