Supertex Fabric Pop Up Display

Our SuperTex Fabric Pop Up Display is a new portable display product inspired by our customer’s requests.

This impressive SuperTex Fabric Pop Up Display is our newest textile printed display. It is one of our most high-end displays with unmatched graphic impact.
At Spyder Displays, we use the highest quality materials. This display comes with high-quality German textile print. Providing you with a competitive edge and professional look at any event. The print is a washable textile graphic that is hard-wearing and durable. It is perfect indoor or under a Marquee or Tent.
The structure of the SuperTex Fabric Pop Up Display is very unique. It is modular and joins easily with other frames. This allows you to create a larger, eye-catching media wall, exhibition booth design or shopping centre kiosk wall.
This display is lightweight weighing only 16kg making it easy to set up and transport. It takes only 3-5 minutes to assemble, attach the bars and insert the impressive graphic textile panel.
The SuperTex Fabric Pop Up Display comes with a high-quality compact padded bag with wheels. This ensures ease of transport and storage between events. It is small enough to go in the boot of a car or wheeled onto public transport.
This display can easily grab attention by itself. Alternatively, it can be complemented by one of our display accessories to create an engaging exhibition space. For example, Exhibition Flooring or a Portable Counter. 
Other accessories include:
  • Back lighting of the front panel.
  • LED lit Internal Showcases for products.
  • SuperTex Pop Up Counters
  • Overhead Lighting
  • Stabilizing feet

H 2250mm x W 2250mm – Weight 16kg

H 2250mm x W 2990mm – Weight 19kg

  • New design world wide
  • 2 year no nonsense warranty
  • Tensioned fabric finish looks very professional
  • High Quality German textile graphic prints – Printed in Australia
  • Heavy duty bag on wheels
  • Delivery within 2-5 working days
  • Value for money
  • Can join numerous frames together to create taller or wider designs.

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