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SEO Digital Marketing Perth. Now this is a subject that most web developers and agencies will tell you they can do. In most cases they sign you up to a monthly fee and say they will optimise your website for a couple of search terms a month! The truth is, with the majority, is they conduct the work within an hour or so for little or no return but still charge you a big chunk. Believe us we have come across this so often with existing clients and hear about it all the time in the industry.

We have worked in this space for many years designing and building websites with a solid foundation that will allow successful SEO to be conducted.

Now we know that you think this this is a bit of a intangible product ...  but you can see results when we get you you appear above your competitors on a Google search. That’s where some creative writing and ‘side ways’ thinking comes in.

The first thing we will do is conduct a website audit to ensure that your website is going to perform correctly. Then we consult with you to find out what you want to get found for and why. This affects the design layout of the page and the call to action you require the user to perform.

Every client is different and some search terms are more competitive than others but attacking a search term from different angles will solve your best position in Google. The key thing to know here is if you do not spend time and effort in SEO for your website you may as well give up. It’s like having the best looking bill board but placing it on the Nullarbor – no one will see it! Or more to the point, the wrong people will see it!

We plan your SEO from the outset then go about making sure the pages the search term lands on has the exact call to action and response you want.

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