Photography Perth

Photography Perth. Good photography is an essential part of any design and marketing process much the same as a great product or promotional video. Great photography of your product will reap rewards in the long run, increase your sales and direct value to your bottom line. We have been conducting photography in Perth for many years and have taken thousands of shots or product or situations all of the photographic images in the projects on our website have been photographed by us.

Allot of people think that “I have a digital camera, I’ll do them myself”. Big mistake, HUGE! Taking a great picture of a product or situation is an art in itself, to start with a photographer needs to be briefed as to how the photograph will be used. Does the photo need empty space where text will eventually be placed? What feeling does the photograph need to have? So many aspects to consider.

That is why we take our own photographs as we are designing the campaign or website so we know all of the above and photograph accordingly. We have art directed many photo shoots over the years and briefed photographers on how we want the picture taken. For the past 20 years we have taken our own photos as we find it to be much easier and quicker. We understand the brand and the reason why the photoshoot is even taking place in the first place not to mention the desired result.

Of course, having the correct equipment helps! We have all the lighting and cameras for different situations and requirements. We also are experts in Photoshop because it is very rare that an image does not need any manipulation after it has been taken. Very often the image taken does not resemble the end result, but, the original image was photographed with the end result in mind. This all takes place well before the camera even comes out.

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