XSpeed Australia Cycle Club

XSpeed Australia Cycle Club Inc was founded in July 2017 by cycling stalwarts Amanda O’Connor and Murray Hall.

The formation of the club is a legacy from the 2016 Pacific Youth Track Tournament, a bi annual international junior track cycling event for Asian and Western Australian riders.

O’Connor and Hall were approached by XSpeed Hong Kong with the idea of establishing a sister club in Perth to facilitate an international student exchange program for educational services and a rider exchange program.

The concept was exciting to the West Australian duo and the idea developed into a unique modern day cycling club model.

Pineapple Planet created a dynamic and informative responsive website that show cases what XSpeed Australia Cycle Club offer. Photography was also undertaken at the Velodrome and on road training to capture the fast pace and dynamic world of cycling.

Client Testimonial

My brief to Ian at Pineapple Planet was “We are a new junior cycling club.  I have no content, no photos and no club history but I want the best cycling club website in Western Australia” and from that Pineapple created a site that far exceeded my expectations and has wowed everyone who has visited it. Ian photographed riders at the Velodrome and at road training and also held a studio photo shoot.

Ian set up all my Social Media Accounts, linking through to the website and gave great advice and guidance on how I use the social accounts.

I would recommend Ian to anyone.”

Amanda O’Connor Chairman X-Speed Australia Cycle Club