Whale Shark Swim Dive

Bluesun Whale Shark Swim Dive. BlueSun Travel is the premier charter boat booking company in Australia with nearly 20 years experience. In that time, they have moved over 400,000 passengers and been nominated for countless awards. They are proud to be the only charter boat booking agency in the country to be ATAS accredited by AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agencies). Every vessel on the Whale Shark Tour site is known to BlueSun Travel and has been vetted for their professional integrity and highest standards.

They have gone to great lengths to give you this incredible resource, with all the top charter boats in one place. You no longer need to go hunting and searching for needles in a haystack, because theyhave done the hard work for you. Better still, they know all the boats, skippers and owners personally. They can give incredibly detailed advice about what tour to go on.

Pineapple Planet has been the strategic partner to Bluesun for over 15 years creating all their branding, websites, graphic design and SEO requirements. It has been awesome to see them grow into the biggest travel and tour agent in Australia. Not to mention the subject matter is really cool to work with, we love working with the Bluesun brand and its many companies.

The website we created displays all the whale shark and whale watching tour companies available in WA, not only that but you can book online through the website which is linked to REZDY the trusted online booking software to the travel industry.

If your bucket list has ‘swim with a whale shark’ or ‘swim with a humpback whale’ then you need to go to this website to make your booking, these guys are the experts and can best advise you to make sure you have a trip of a lifetime.

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