SSENS. School of Special Educational Needs Sensory

SSENS came to Pineapple Planet to redesign their website as it was not refelcting them as an organisation. They needed a website that had heaps of resources available to view and download.

The website is aimed at Parents & Carers, Schools & Educators and Referrers & Practiitioners. Different information is applicable to each group with information such as eligibility guidelines, brochures and information sheets.

We set about planning a website that is easy to navigate so users can find the information they need. This website needed to meet disability guidelines so font size and colour etc had to be taken into consideration.

A screen reader was implemented that allows the user to have the on screen text content read back to them, not only that they are able to change the contrast of the screen for those with sight disabillity.

There was a lack of current images available so we were comissioned to conduct photoshoots at 4 locations over 4 days. The result is an image bank of 318 photographs covering every disability SSENS supports as an organisation.

The website also has video rich content aswell as a multitude of document information downloads about services and disabilities. It truly is a information rich website.

We also completed an extensive Search Engine Optimisation strategy to ensure that SSENS is found in Google and Bing searches for their services. This means that parents who are looking for help and support can find them in a search engine.

We have all loved working with an organisation that maybe not many people are aware of. Their services and support to those parents who have a child with disability is truly amazing, you can see the commitment and care in all of their staff.

We look forward to working with SSENS again in the future on other marketing material.


Pineapple Planet enabled the School of Special Educational Needs: Sensory to realise an engaging website that celebrates our school, meets the needs of our varied stakeholders, provides resources to build capability of parents, carers, schools and educators, while enhancing accessibility and usability. It was essential that our website capture the diversity of our specialist state-wide school, including the history of when the two schools amalgamated in 2013.

Pineapple Planet’s professionalism, responsiveness, competitive quoting and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated by our school community.

Rebecca Hunt (Associate Principal)

ssens school of special educational needs sensory pineapple planet
ssens school of special educational needs sensory pineapple planet
ssens school of special educational needs sensory pineapple planet
ssens school of special educational needs sensory pineapple planet