PELLE Electrical Services - Electrician Perth

PELLE Electrical Services Perth. Another great example of a client who has been ill advised and ended up with a website that does not perform, doesnot generate leads or enquiries and is not found in search engines.

We set about re-designing the whole website and building an online funnel with multiple website that are all correctly SEO'd to maximise search results on page 1 of Google and Bing.

The result is that their real estate presence on page 1 has already jumped to 2 or 3 and sometimes more results on the one page for a specific search. Enquiries have already started coming in just 2 weeks after going live.

The website is mobile friendly and multi device friendly without breaking the integrity of the website design and experience. Our proven approach to GEO Targeting searches has already started to take effect in the amount of enquiries that are being emailed to Pelle Electrical Services resulting in an influx of work for the Electrical team.

This is a CLASSIC case of how a client is ill advised on how their web presence should look and work and how a client has a 'bad taste' when it comes to web companies. Thankfully they came to Pineapple Planet who is a multi disciplined creative agency so we can use our skills to gain the best result for the client.

Needless to say, the 'bad taste' no longer exists - well not with us anyway!