Jandakot Primary School Business Plan

Jandakot Primary School serves the residential locality of Success which is approximately 25 km south of Perth. The Kindergarten to Year 6 school enrolment is steady at approximately 500. Recently, there has been a steady increase in enrolments of students with language backgrounds other than English and / or who were not born within Australia.

The school enjoys a unique and personal link between all components of the school community and is known for its friendliness, caring attitudes and traditional values where the interests and needs of the students come first and foremost. Preparing students for a dynamic and ever changing world is our responsibility.

The school contacted Pineapple Planet through recommendation from another school we have worked with for many years. They needed their Business Plan created and needed it produced quick!

We jumped at the task and the very tight deadline was not a problem for the team at Pineapple Planet. It was helped by the timely supply of information from the school and within a week we had completed the project.

Thank you Jandakot Primary School for being so responsive. We look forward to working again with you in the future.


Jandakot Primary School Business Plan