Helena River Steiner School Website

Branding and School Website Design Helena River Steiner School. From little things, big things grow….the flourishing new school that is Helena River Steiner School in Midland grew from an idea that first took shape in a little parish hall in a Guildford park.

Every Steiner / Waldorf school is independently formed and operated and thoroughly unique, but part of a big and conscientious “family” dedicated to educating modern children according to the developmental and pedagogical principles described by Rudolf Steiner.

Pineapple Planet updated and modernised their brand and created a new and dynamic website to reflect the caring learning approach of Steiner Education.

A new design style was created for internal documents and forms that was carried through onto the website design, all reflecting elements of the brand. The new style also reflects the Steiner approach of learning through discovery and creativity. Pineapple Planet also conducted a photoshoot at the school enabling us to further reflect their approach to education.

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