Dewalt alltools website design

DeWalt Alltools Website Design

DeWalt Alltools Website Design. Alltools WA Pty Ltd is a private business. They have been servicing the construction, mining, engineering, manufacturing, oil and gas trades and education industry for more than 25 years with over 400 suppliers they work with.

They are a one-stop shop for industrial, mining and civil engineering and construction and workplace supplies.

Alltools WA came to Pineapple Planet to initially help with the optimisation of their Alltools e-commerce website. The website and it's products was not properly SEO'd and was not converting users to sales online. We set about structuring the categories correctly and formatting the Excel product upload to include SEO data.

We also made design changes to the banners to include manufacturers in a more visual way so the user can find what they are looking for quicker and easier. We linked the website to MailChimp to send an Abandoned Cart email if they added an item to the cart but did not complete the transaction. Regular e-campaigns are now sent to the client list advertising special offers and new product, regular engagement with their client list keeps them 'front of mind'.

Their Social Media Channel is also managed by us which now looks the same as the Alltools website. What they post is now looking the same as the banners on the website so the user sees a direct correlation between the two.

The next step is to continue to create the online funnel and start building other manufacturer specific e-commerce websites with the DeWalt Alltools website being the first one then the Teng Alltools website. Both websites are heavily optimised so it appears in a Google search for anything with the word DeWalt or Teng Tools in the search query.

The results are promising with the DeWalt Alltools Website now appearing in a search result along side the Alltools main website, so, two spots on page one of Google are taken up with the both websites hence increasing the probability of Alltools getting the sale.

We have a long list of websites to build to add to the Alltools online funnel which will transform the business and how it converts a user into a buying client. It is an exciting time for Alltools and Pineapple Planet is excited to see how we can positively effect the business by what we do.

Dewalt alltools website design
Dewalt alltools website design