Bluesun Travel Group

We have worked with Bluesun on their branding, web and promotional material for many years. We created a suite of brands for the whole Bluesun Group which allows them to market individually to their market segments while still maintain the core brand look and feel.

BlueSun Travel and BlueSun Cruises have been helping passengers get on and off ships for over 15 years. In that time they have been nominated for prestigious national business awards, receiving recognition from our industry for being the best at what we do.

BlueSun consists of four main entities

BlueSun is regarded as one of the top names in marine tourism, with glowing five-star reviews because they put their passengers first. At last count, those happy passengers exceeded over 100,000 people.

BlueSun prides itself on its unparalleled customer service and everything they do comes from the heart, with a big smile and a lot of knowledge to back it up. They remain staunchly unbiased in the cruises they offer you, and more importantly, you always get a cruise expert that cares about you – seven days a week. That’s right. Monday to Sunday

Client Testimonial

Pineapple Planet and Ian Protheroe have been an integral part of BlueSun’s life, growth and success for over a decade.

Since 2006, Ian has steered our vision watching us grow from a seed of thought to where we are now. From a local, to a regional, national and now to an award-nominated international entity with four divisions.

I rarely, if ever give testimonials but I will say this: I will not do any campaign without Ian’s consultation. I will not do any marketing material….without his oversight and input.

Pineapple Planet is not just a think-tank, but a highly progressive and professional entity that is on the cutting edge of branding, creativity, technology and strategic planning. I have worked with a lot of companies that purport to know about marketing, but none have surpassed what Pineapple Planet is capable of doing. Their work is truly clever and translates into dollars.

My advice to anyone thinking of using Pineapple Planet is simple: listen, learn and earn.

Kevin Bailey, Chairman & Chief Executive – BlueSun Travel