Big Island Charters

Here is a classic case of a company choosing one of those free website services to hinge their business on, which is always a HUGE mistake as they are very often never found in Google searches. They may seem to look good, but are basically a bill board in a dessert!

Big Island Charters came to Pineapple to initially build a new website for them, our CEO saw many similarities between himself and the owners Steve and Casey when he first started. They are both young entrepreneurs in their industry eager to show what they could do and offer. Trust us, this is a lot more compared to most of the charter boat companies in Perth.

We created

  • A new brand logo
  • New dynamic website
  • New customer journey
  • New documentation to send to prospects
  • New communication

Now Big Island Charters truly love what they do. They are by far the coolest charter boat in Perth with the MOST knowledge of Rottnest Island, Carnac Island and the Swan River. What stands out the most in all the conversations with our CEO is that they want to show EVERYONE their love for the ocean and Perth surroundings. This means, they love their job as much as we do! So, Big Island Charters, welcome to our Pineapple Planet!

Now you can go on an awesome cruise for a Bucks or Hens Party, Corporate River Cruise or special Birthday Party. But, the difference is that you are going on it with a company who is not just in it to make money. They do it to make sure you have a memory you will never forget. THAT is priceless.

Not only do Casey and Steve run their cruises in Perth but they also do a very important part in looking after our environment. Rottnest Island is very special to Steve, so, he is pioneering a scheme in his own time, to take students from schools to Rottnest to clean up the beaches. In a students’ words, “From a distance it looks great, but when you get up close you can see the rubbish that people leave behind and is washed up, we should be more mindful and more careful”  Well done Casey and Steve, let’s keep this planet a beautiful place for our children to live in.

You guys are awesome. We look forward to seeing you grow and working with you in the future. Once again welcome to Pineapple Planet!

Client Testimonial

If you are looking to take your company to the next level I highly recommend the team at Pineapple Planet! They have been amazing through the whole process of making our new web site and molding our company into a brand.

These guys are branding geniuses! going above and beyond to make our company stand out in our industry. We originally engaged Pineapple Planet to create out new website, not only did they do that but also gave us invaluable advise on how to make our business stand out from all the other charter boat companies in Perth. I can honestly say that our business has doubled since we have had Pineapple Planet helping us build our business in what is a VERY competitive industry in Perth.

We went from an old website not being found in Google searches for anything! To a new website on page one in a matter of weeks for all of our charters. Pineapple Planet have also refined everything from the logo to information sheets and streamlining our business with automated replies via e-campaigns from our website, our business now flows and looks fantastic!

Our bookings have more than doubled from last year and all coming through our website, via a web enquiry or direct phone call from the website.

Pineapple Planet is an investment for your company, you should listen to them and act on what they suggest. From now on we will not make ANY marketing decision without calling Pineapple Planet first. We will be continuing to use them for all of our marketing, branding and web site needs.

Casey Emory
Director, Big Island Charters