AYS Business and Home Moves

AYS Business and Home Moves, Removal company in Reading UK. During the past two decades, AYS has developed an excellent reputation within the U.K. for relocating homes and businesses. This is due to the full commitment from both office staff and site crews working together to offer our customers the quality of service expected from an established company such as theirs.

What they lacked was a digital presence that worked for them creating qualified leads that turned into live jobs.

Pineapple Planet was commissioned to create a whole new look to the website that positioned them where they should be in the home and business removals industry in the UK. Our task was not only position them with a fantastic looking website but also to ensure that they appeared in relevent search results for anyone looking to move their home or business in the South of the UK.

Extensive Search Engine Optimisation was carried out on the website focusing on GEO Targeting search for Reading and the surrounding counties for business or home moves.

The result was almost instant after going live with enquiries up on average by 20+ a week. This has made a huge difference to the business as a whole increasing growth and revenue in what is a very competitive market.