APEX Family Lawyers

Apex Family Lawyers. Now here is a case of a company who already paid a web designer to create a new website for them, but, the new website did not follow the brief, was not correctly SEO’d and was generally very difficult to deal with.

The result was a website that didn’t look professional and was not found in Google searches for any of APEX’s core services. Basically a billboard in the dessert! We hate it when this happens, it gives our industry a bad name.

We were very keen to put things right for APEX Family Lawyers and Mediators. We redesigned their website to reflect and represent who APEX is as a company, clear call to actions were created on pages to guide the user as to what they need to do next. Extensive SEO was undertaken which has resulted in the website being found in Google searches within a few days of going live and new clients.

We also designed a new brand logo to represent APEX as the professional Family Lawyers and Mediators that they are.

It’s an exciting time for APEX who can now confidently move forward and build their law firm on a solid digital foundation.  We look forward to working with them and watching them grow.

Client Testimonial

Last year I decided to branch out opening my own family law firm it was exciting and a little bit scary at the same time, so much to do, and lots of new areas to deal with, including setting up a website to attract business.  After paying a considerable amount of money for a new website I felt let down by the original website company, no communication at times, no guidance, and generally a struggle to get moving forward.  When the website was set up we were disappointed with the results we were getting, the website was slow,  not very appealing, and not fulfilling the brief and assurances given.

So when Pineapple Planet were recommended to me I was initially sceptical, however, I needn’t have been.  Ian and the team have guided us through each step of the way, they were  not only prompt and efficient, but Ian had so many innovative ideas on how to promote our business across all forms of media.  I felt that Pineapple Planet  really cared about our business, the communication between ourselves was excellent, and the advice given by Ian was invaluable, he really knows his industry and how to get the best results for his clients.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Pineapple Planet for anyone’s website and marketing solutions.

Our  website now looks amazing, fast to load, professional and easier to navigate, we  are already seeing results with new clients, and a good rating on Google.   The new website reflects who we are as a business, and it is easy to maintain and manage.  I look forward to Ian’s continued support and a long and fruitful relationship with Pineapple Planet.

Rebekah Little
Director, APEX Family Lawyers and Mediators