The Pop Up T Wall Display Stand is the ideal light-weight, economical solution for any event.

Designed to be highly impactful, the Pop Up T-Wall Display Stand is perfect for trade shows and conference events.
This display is versatile and adaptable. It is able to be curved or straight.
Allowing you to adapt your display depending on the event.
The T-Wall Display is light-weight with standard sizes weighing 7-10kgs. This makes it ideal and economical for transport. Perfect for OH&S and travel costs.
At Spyder Displays, we pride ourselves on our high-quality display structures. The Pop Up T-Wall Display Stand has a particularly unique magnetic joining system. This allows you to create a modular curved or flat wall depending on your preferences.
With it’s highly impactful, thin design the T-wall is capable of grabbing the attention of your audience. It is an excellent alternative to the traditional Pop Up Display Stand.
Our in-house graphic design team works hard to ensure your graphics are perfect. We offer superior graphic prints using high-quality European polyester film and laminate. Our T-wall Display has a high-resolution photographic finish with long-lasting durability.
This display comes in a travel tube or carry bag. It also comes with a 1-year no-nonsense warranty.
The Pop Up T-Wall Display Stand can be highly impactful and can confidently showcase your brand by itselfAlternatively, one of our other display elements can complement the T-Wall Display. For example, Exhibition Flooring or an Exhibition Counter.

H 2.3m x W 1.8m / 2.7m / 3.6m / 4.5m / 5.4m

Weight 7kg / 11kg / 14kg / 18kg / 22kg

  • Extremely lightweight for transportation. Only 6-12kgs. Good for OH&S and travel costs
  • Excellent alternative to the traditional Pop Up display stand
  • Comes in travel tube or carry bag. Good for OH&S and travel costs
  • 1 year no nonsense warranty – All printing in our factory in Australia
  • Superior graphic prints – High quality European polyester film and laminate create high resolution photographic finish with long lasting durability
  • Delivery within 2-5 working days
  • Value for money

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