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We are different from other website design companies in Perth. Originally coming from the UK in 1995 we have worked in the online space for a VERY long time! We are primarily designers but completely understand how to design a website to be attractive to the the search engines.

There is a huge difference between a web developer and designers who understand how to develop websites. Knowing how to correctly structure a website for SEO with the search engines and also being able to design beautiful looking websites that follow and ‘sing’ your brand ethos is essential to ensure your online presence is the best it can be.

There are plenty of ‘free’ website building software out there, but, like everything that is free, there is usually a catch! The catch being that they are notoriously difficult, if not impossible to get that website seen and ranked by a search engine. Not to mention you are limited as to the functionality they offer.

The other major aspect to approach is why do you need a website? This is a question we always ask because most businesses or organisations just simply think they ‘need one’.

What do you want your website to do?

Get more hot leads to sell a product or service? Sell your product or service on line? Or, simply inform a wider community about your business or organisation. Ultimately we will work with you to understand your business or organisation and it’s individual needs to design and build a website that works as hard for you as you do in your organisation.

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What assets do you have to enable us to effectively market you?

Most clients we work with initially do not have any great photographic or graphical images of their product or service so often struggle to best portray them in their marketing. Not only that but sometimes their organisation brand logo does not reflect it either. We can fix all of this and will work with you to design a corporate style that can be carried through all marketing material so when a user views your website it is instantly recognisable as a you.

The other aspect to consider is are we going to be around in the future to help and advise?

Well, we have already been around for a long time and have no plans to disappear. There are plenty of website companies that promise the earth and then disappear a year later leaving you with a website that no one knows how to maintain. We always conduct training with a client to enable them to manage and take ownership of their online presence. We want you to understand how the web works and how you can be successful from having a great website.

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