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We work with you to give you a school website design beyond your expectation

Creative School Website Design Perth. We started in 1991 so have heaps of experience building websites for schools both in Australia and the UK. From the very beginning we work with you to tailor your website, achieve your goal and engage and connect with your community with a website that is able to grow as you grow.

We have a seamless process and walk you through each stage, advising along the way to achieve the best result. It’s painless and simple. We will even integrate your social media accounts if needed and link to your mobile Apps such as SkoolbagSchoolzineMailChimp or any other school communication App you may use that delivers information or your newsletter to the wider community.

We have a range of services that schools can benefit from such as graphic design, brand design, photography, video production and SEO. Some schools use all of our services, some use one, the key thing here is that we put the same time and effort into all of them to ensure you receive the best result.

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Our School Website Design Perth Process

1 – We meet and listen

We meet with you and discuss what you need your new website to do for you. Invariably this is to provide information to parents about upcoming events and news and how we can best inform your parents, potential parents and community about your school.

2 – We are up front

We will quote on the project at hand whether it be all of our services or one of them. We realise that some schools do not need to be re-branded but will benefit from a photoshoot or graphic design work. We are happy to work with you on all or some of out services.

3 – Engagement

When you notify Pineapple Planet of what service you require we will invoice 50% of the cost to commence work. Final payment is on delivery, depending on the project at hand.

4 – Graphic Design and Photography

At this stage we will discuss what cannot be changed or can be. This is the discovery session as to what you think you need and what you actually need, both for branding (if needed) website structure or photographic needs. You will meet with the creative designer who will be the lead in your project, they will be your ‘go to’ for anything throughout and after your project.

It must be said at this stage that ‘we do not design for ourselves, we design for the user’. We are not interested in winning awards for what we do, we are more interested in winning a referral for a job well done.

If you decided to re-brand, we will present three designs with a rational behind each design along with our professional recommendation. Four amendments to the design are included in the quote.

If you required web development, we will present the new design for the home page and three internal pages for approval. Four amendments to the design are included in the quote. We will then send you a ‘site tree’ which is a schematic of the pages on the website.

If you required photography we will supply a ‘contact sheet’ of all photographs taken, then would require a list of images you would require image corrected. All images would be supplied to you for your own use royalty free.

5 – Development of the website

At this stage we require you to a ‘bit of work’ by this we mean, we will supply you with the final ‘site tree’. We will then require you to write content for every part of that ‘site tree’. We are very knowledgeable but we cannot write with the passion you or your teachers have for your school.

While you are writing, we are building the framework for the website ready for all the text and picture content to by inserted. We build on our secure servers at this stage until the site is approved and we go live. At any stage you can see the progress of the site, we will supply you with a link to view.

6 – Going live to the world

When we are all happy that the website is working the way it should be, with all content correct we will work with you or for you to turn your website live. We will manage the domain name transfer and dealing with any technical organisations on your behalf, all we need form you is the login details to any domain name account we need. We are accustomed to dealing with the Department of Education and where they register domain names so can manage that aspect.

When you are live and all is working we then invoice the final amount.

7 -Training

Now this is the important bit. We are not a company that wants to keep control of your website, we want you to engage in the new, fantastic tool we have created for you. So, we will conduct a day training for the relevant staff that will be updating the website on a regular basis. This training session will allow them to update regular parts of the website easily and quickly. It isn’t hard!

Any major coding updates or structural changes will have to be done by one of our developers but the day to day running of the website can be done by internal staff.

8 -Don’t be stranger!

We have been around since 1989. We are not going anywhere. We are not the A Team but …  If you have a problem, if no one else can help, maybe you should call Pineapple Planet!