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The perfect example of our integrated marketing approach. End to end.

The Crazy Dragon Case Study is a perfect example of our approach to existing dis-jointed marketing. Crazy Dragon Frozen Food, My Crazy Auntie’s Food contacted Pineapple Planet through another client of ours, it is this kind of recommendation that we love as it means, as marketers and creative designers we are doing our job correctly.

Crazy Dragon needed their entire product packaging range revamped for sale in Australia’s leading Supermarkets such as COLESWOOLWORTHSIGA and other major supermarkets in Australia. This Crazy Dragon case study gives a great example how an ‘end to end’ marketing strategy will work for you, what ever your business or service may be.

We are proud to be the strategic partner for Crazy Dragon and are very excited to use our skills and sometimes ‘left of field’ ideas to promote this fantastic product into the market place.

Crazy Dragon are now exporting their Australian Dumplings into the Chinese market which has opened a whole new customer stream. This of course is not just down to us, but also to the innovative approach and tireless energy of Crazy Dragon’s owner, we take our hat off to you Juy. You are awesome.

All our support and facilitation for the Chinese market is done remotely from Australia and we work with the ‘on ground’ Chinese speaking staff to ensure we get the message correctly to what is a very complicated language.

Branding & Identity

Re-design the brand and all packaging across the whole range to reflect the name and product.

Web Developement

Create a responsive website offering video serving suggestions, consumer nutritional information and critical distributor information.

Photography & Graphic Design

Photograph all product to reflect the restaurant quality status. Graphic design all assets to make everything ‘sing the same song’

Social Media Management

Manage and post on all social media channels consistently and manage audience response.


Redesign their brand and packaging with a launch of ten new products into Coles, WoolworthsIGA and other major supermarkets in Australia. Design and create a responsive website showcasing the product

Re-engage the social media channels to convey the new re-brand and launch of new product. Photograph all the product to convey it’s restaurant quality.


Cross market the brand consistently across all marketing channels and communicate in a tone of voice that reflects the new brand and name. Roll out the new website and social marketing in conjunction with the launch in ColesWoolworths and IGA. Produce video content delivered through social media plus via QR codes on the new packaging for serving suggestions with the chef. Create a marketing strategy consistently communicating a 100% Australian made product.


Re-launch an already recognised brand with existing loyal customers without damaging sales and consumer loyalty.

Re-design and produce 10 of the product range range to hit the shelves in time for the re-launch with distribution and product production in mind. A tight deadline is never a challenge for us, we thrive on pressure and never make mistakes.

We hit the shelves on time and on budget.

Our solution for Crazy Dragon

The project very quickly grew into the whole marketing offering Pineapple Planet has to offer. This truly is another example of our Integrated Marketing approach to a product. We are now taking their brand into areas they wanted to be in but didn’t know how to get there.

It is our integrated marketing approach that allows us to be flexible and responsive to every market need to achieve the desired goal. NO marketing channel should be thought about in isolation of another and NO idea or ‘dream’ should ever be dispelled until properly explored.

We created their Brand, responsive website, photographed every product, designed and colour coded all 10 of their initial product range and continue to design new ranges, plus instigated and applied the online marketing strategy. We utilised QR codes on all packaging driving users to pages on their website about that particular product, delivered video off QR codes including ‘how to cook’ videos with serving suggestion videos. Tacked, analysed and strategley implemented all SEO responsive to the market need and ‘what google recommends’.

We handle their video production, social media presence and blogging as well as outbound promotional campaigns for all products.

Keep your eye out for all of the range in the frozen foods section of COLESWOOLWORTHSIGA and other major supermarkets in Australia. Look out for Crazy Dragon on the social network, there are some cool promotions coming soon.

8 Mil dumplings sold in 2015. 20 Mil in 2016. As of June 2017 heading for 40 Mil.

Now exporting to China. That’s a lot of dumplings! Well done Crazy Dragon.

Product Photography

Crazy Dragon Case Study


Crazy Dragon Case Study


Crazy Dragon Case Study


Crazy Dragon Case Study


Crazy Dragon Case Study


Crazy Dragon Case Study

Viral video production for social networks

“Crazy Dragon began working with Pineapple Planet with the launch of ten new products into Coles, Woolworths and other major supermarkets in Australia. We also decided to use this opportunity to rebrand our Crazy Dragon image at the same time.

This was a major project which incorporated the redesign of our packaging designs across our existing 10 products as well as the new products to be re-launched into major supermarkets with a short timeframe.

We had a one month window to get the packaging phase completed, and another couple of months to implement the website and social media. I am happy to report that working with Pineapple Planet was probably the only way we would have got this project done in that timeframe, especially given the level of quality we achieved. Deadlines were on time and in fact more responsive than we were reactive.

The amount of information that was shared between our organisations during the creation of the packaging and other media formats was huge! Pineapple Planet were able to manage the iterative process in a way that gave us comfort that no details would fall through the cracks. Pineapple Planet delivered a great looking result which has translated across our entire NEW brand. They also worked diligently and remotely with our other packaging and IT suppliers to ensure that the end result was met for future prospects.

Additionally, we created a new mobile friendly website optimised for SEO, and an all-encompassing marketing plan, including social media and QR code integration on our packaging that would speak to our website.

We now consider Pineapple Planet to be a strategic partner, and they value-add their services in ways that we never see coming.

They are creative thinkers who look at the whole picture and not just at the task at hand. They consider every aspect of your marketing channels then integrate them. Crazy Dragon would thoroughly recommend you speak to Pineapple Planet.”

Chris Michaelides - General Manager
Crazy Dragon, My Crazy Auntie's Food Pty Ltd


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