About Us - Pineapple Planet

Well let’s see, most people ask the same question about Pineapple Planet, “Where did you get the name from?”. Well back in 1991 our CEO was freelancing with some of the ‘big ones’ in London. He was asked to be a Creative Director of the company he was freelancing at, but, on his way home, he stopped for a beer with a mate in Trafalgar Square. His mate said, “Why are you working for these agencies … you should start your own!”. So, the journey began.

He didn’t want to be the run of the mill agency, he wanted to attract creative thinkers and client’s that would have the balls to be creative. Pineapple Planet was written on the back of a beer mat that night! Thankfully he kept the beer mat! No one else out there would call themselves that back then, they were all ‘ADG Design Consultants’ or ‘The Design Partnership’.

So Pineapple Planet was born and it has always stuck to it’s original ethos and that is to challenge, to innovate and above all stick to our motto … ‘being creative is a state of mind … mind what you create’. We always have and we always will.

After working for many years in a highly competitive fast track environment for clients in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. The knowledge and experience gained in both on and off line marketing is second to none.
It is this wide breadth of knowledge that has made Pineapple Planet an expert in branding and integrated marketing. We have the knowledge and the expertise to make ALL your marketing sing the same song. It is often the case that a companies marketing and message to the world is dis-jointed. We make sure this does not happen.

The huge variety of clients who rely on Pineapple Planet means our experience and knowledge allows us to think differently for any business in any market sector. Whether you are a multi national, start up business, small, medium or large established business, in Australia or worldwide! Pineapple Planet has the capacity and the knowledge to make your business or service sing louder than your competitors!

We are now based in sunny Perth Western Australia, the stressless, environment has made our creative minds explode! We already loved what we did…. but now we adore what we do! To us it’s more than a job, we really do ‘mind what we create’.

We are a close knit team of 9, all of us share our knowledge base, ultimately, you will speak and deal with the person who is designing your project. We all get involved with the process behind the scenes, whether it be photography, web design, graphic design, branding or SEO, we all understand how to physically do it and get results for you. NO Project Managers, real, experienced designers and marketers.

Our knowledge of emerging technologies, web, and the mobile world coupled with traditional design for print and branding means we can truly deliver an integrated marketing experience. Life is exciting, make your marketing exciting and engaging for the user, it’s what they are expecting. Why wouldn’t you give it to them?
From marketing gurus, online experts, creative minds and techi geeks! There is one underlying fact …. we thrive on creating excellent marketing and creative solutions that consistently exceed the brief and deliver results on budget and on time.

Why Choose Us?

With over 80 years of combined experience in marketing, strategy, graphic design and digital communication trends has meant that we are the strategic partner for many businesses in Australia and worldwide. We are the ‘go to’ for all our clients for anything design related on or offline.

Our client’s jump for joy when they land on Pineapple Planet.

You can say ‘Eat my dust’ to your competitors!


Being creative is a state of mind … mind what you create. Well, we really do mind, just ask one of our clients. We are lateral thinkers and offer creative solutions that deliver results.


Looking at things from a different angle has always made us stand out from other creative agencies. Our integrated marketing approach looks at all angles of your marketing channel.


Because we really do know what we are doing we are quick, accurate, decisive and never break your budget. We always exceed and go beyond the brief.

An Easy Journey

It’s like anything in life, if you don’t enjoy what you do, don’t do it! We love what we do and it shows in our work. We make dealing with an agency easy, marketing results are serious but the journey should be fun.


Ready to work with us?