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Being creative is a state of mind … mind what you create.
We live by this rule and we really do mind what we create.

Pineapple Planet Perth design solutions have delivered results since 1994. We have many years of combined marketing experience, this, coupled with our integrated marketing approach, make sure we cover every marketing channel that is best suited to your needs.

Whether it be a corporate re-brand, website design and development, photography, brochure design, catalogue design or digital marketing. We’ve got you covered.

The key thing is …  in this outsourcing world … YOUR work is all done in house and never leaves our grasp. We control all aspects of the creative process and deliver the result with you knowing only one company has touched it!

You should join us on our planet!

Pineapple Planet Perth

Why choose Pineapple Planet?

We focus on your business

We don’t design for ourselves or to enter a design award competition. We don’t need self-gratification! We design solutions that work for you and your business. Our award is seeing you and your business succeed with the help from our marketing and creative ability. We look at things from a different angle. You may not have looked that way yet?

  •  Strategic plan suited to your needs.
  •  Use all or some of our services.
  •  We work with you to achieve your goals.
  •  We often see things that you may not. So don’t get ‘shirty’ if we tell you.

We are the preferred supplier to many schools in WA for branding,
website design, graphic design, and photography

Our Services

Some of our work

We pride ourselves in the ability to create for any market sector, it has always been our aim never to ‘pigeon hole’ ourselves. Below is a selection of projects from multiple industries that illustrate why companies choose Pineapple Planet.

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