Directoryhound Brand

Now we pride ourselves on thinking differently and when a company came to us looking to start an online and offline printed directory we looked strategically what the company had in mind was viable. Yes, it was a great idea and they had done heaps of ground work. But, the name was wrong and the brand was wrong to be able to compete and stick in peoples minds when they hear it.

We proposed a re-brand and rename and a different marketing and web solution approach. So, Directory Hound was born! Our plan for the company was much bigger than they originally thought. We designed geographical brands for the whole of Australia, registered the company name in every state as well as the domain name, and devised a strategy to franchise the company into other states in Australia other that WA. A suite of marketing material was designed along with a comprehensive, easy to use web solution that any web user would recognise … and that is Google! The web solution coupled with the printed directory has now taken Directory Hound into an exciting new future.

We love this brand. We had big ideas for the little Hound! As it turns out, the company was bought by one of the BIG online directories so the ‘Hound’ no longer exists, but the model and idea does. Testament we suppose for what we originally created.

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